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Provided below are all of the great local products that we currently deliver to our customer's doorsteps. We believe that once you try them you won't want to go back to the mass produced versions found in many grocery stores.

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  • Cherry Tomatoes

    Cherry Tomatoes

    Sweet little bites from North Star Orchard. A mix of orange, red, and pink gems to eat as-is, add to salads, or get fancy with in your favorite recipes! You'll get 1 pint box per order

    1 pint


  • ChicoBag Produce Bags

    ChicoBag Produce Bags

    Reusable bags designed specifically for fruit and vegetables. 3 different styles which meet the needs of various produce types. Buy a bunch and eliminate the use of plastic produce bags. The Hemp-Cotton Blend 3 Pack is designed for green beans, nuts, grains and bulk food items as it absorbs excess moisture and restricts airflow. The rePETe™ 3 Pack is great for squash, broccoli, carrots and celery because it restricts airflow and locks in moisture. The rePETe™ Mesh 3 Pack is ideal for apples, oranges, potatoes, onions and allows ethylene gas, nature's ripening agent, to escape.

    This item is out of stock now

    RePETe / Mesh


    Hemp / Cotton


    This item is out of stock now

    rePETe - nylon


  • Cold Brew Bottles

    Cold Brew Bottles

    Organic cold brew coffee straight out of the bottle! A great summertime pick me up. Enjoy over ice, straight out of the bottle or mix in your favorite cream or sweetener. Now in 16 oz. re-sealable plastic bottles! Keep refrigerated.

    16 oz.


  • Cold Brew Pouches

    Cold Brew Pouches

    Our Cold Brew Coffee Pouches make it easy to enjoy the refreshing, smooth tastes of a cold brew coffee drink. Simply steep our cold brew pouches in water for 18-24 hours, remove and enjoy over ice or top with sweetener and cream for added flavor. Each pouch makes 1 to 2 cups of coffee. Enjoy our organic certified coffee in a whole new way... cold!

    Wild Tiger

    7 pouches


    House Blend Decaf

    7 pouches


  • Conebella Cheddar Cheese

    Conebella Cheddar Cheese

    Conebella Farm Cheese is made from all natural ingredients with the milk from their own Ayrshire cows, which is both antibiotic-free and rBST free. Taste the difference in this creamy, buttery cheese made from pure Ayrshire milk.

    8 oz. block


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