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Provided below are all of the great local products that we currently deliver to our customer's doorsteps. We believe that once you try them you won't want to go back to the mass produced versions found in many grocery stores.

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  • Dr. Elkins' Chip Steak & Stir Fry Strips

    Dr. Elkins' Chip Steak & Stir Fry Strips

    Chips Steak are very thin cuts of lean steak. Great for making steak sandwiches or other quick easy meals. Sir Fry strips are roughly 1 inch wide strips ideal for adding to stir-fry's or similar dishes.

    Chip Steak

    1 lb.


    Stir Fry

    1 lb.


  • Dr. Elkins' Filet Mignon

    Dr. Elkins' Filet Mignon

    5 to 6 oz. pieces of the tender filet mignon cut from Buck Run Farms grass-fed Angus. Absolutely delicious. Limited Supply.

    This item is out of stock now

    5 to 6 oz.


  • East Coast Concord

    East Coast Concord

    A sweet red wine made predominantly with native Concord grapes with the characteristics of just picked from the backyard arbor. Fruity flavors of bright red berries, blackberry, and red cherries.




  • East Coast Niagara

    East Coast Niagara

    A sweet white wine made predominantly from native Niagara grapes has the aroma like stepping into the winery during fermentation each Autumn. A floral nose of spring blossoms and pallet full of peaches and sweet stone fruits. Our easy pour pouch has the equivalent of 2 bottles of wine.


    1.5L (2 Bottles)


  • Eggplant


    Perfectly-sized eggplant from North Star Orchard excellent for parmesan, fried slices, ratatouille, grilling - you name it! Skin color comes in black or bright purple with white stripes, but either kind tastes the same (and they're not super-bitter like grocery store eggplant!)

    2 count


    4 count


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