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Provided below are all of the great local products that we currently deliver to our customer's doorsteps. We believe that once you try them you won't want to go back to the mass produced versions found in many grocery stores.

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  • Chef Michael's Beurre Blanc Sauce

    Chef Michael's Beurre Blanc Sauce

    A deliciously tasty sauce to accompany Chef Michael's Crab Cakes. His own blend of grainy honey mustard Beurre Blanc, crisp white Burgundy, Lusty Monk grain mustard, organic honey, fresh cream, dash of fresh lemon finished with French sea salt and ground black pepper.

    6 oz.


  • Chef Michael's Famous Crab Cakes

    Chef Michael's Famous Crab Cakes

    Chef Michael’s Famous Crab Cakes are 100% crab with no filler. Where others use breading to keep the crab together Chef Michael uses a special shrimp mousse mixture and it is delicious. Crab cakes come seared (browned) on one side for ease of handling and preparation. Heating instructions are included. Ingredients: Jumbo lump crab, wild gulf shrimp, fresh cream, dry mustard, green onion, French sea salt, fresh ground roasted black pepper and flavors with his personal twist! **Consume within 3 days of receiving or freeze. (Always Gluten Free)

    2 - 5 oz. Crab Cakes


  • Chef Michael's Maryland Crab Soup

    Chef Michael's Maryland Crab Soup

    Tomato based loaded with crab, onion, celery, peppers, carrots, corn, lima beans, green beans, peas. A little spicy with a hint of old bay. Very hearty and filling. Serve with crackers or buttered bread. Comes frozen, thaw in refrigerator.

    1 Quart (32 oz.)


  • Chef Michael's Mushroom Bisque

    Chef Michael's Mushroom Bisque

    A classic Kennett Square mushroom bisque using fresh shitake, cremini, and oyster mushrooms prepared in a classic mirepoix vegetable stock finished with rich heavy cream and a fresh herb melange. Comes frozen, thaw in refrigerator.

    1 Quart (32 oz.)


  • Cocina Dorada Tortilla Chips

    Cocina Dorada Tortilla Chips

    Tantalizingly tasty hand tortilla chips made by Cocina Dorada in West Chester, PA. Lightly seasoned and fried in canola oil. Terrific for dipping in salsa, guacamole or just by themselves! Gluten Free.

    14 oz.

    Resealable bag


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