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Provided below are all of the great local products that we currently deliver to our customer's doorsteps. We believe that once you try them you won't want to go back to the mass produced versions found in many grocery stores.

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  • Soap - Koala Dreams

    Soap - Koala Dreams

    A wonderful handmade soap made of eucalyptus, peppermint, spearmint, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, babassu oil, organic shea butter and green oxide which gives the soap its pretty green color.

    4.5 oz


  • Soap - Wood & Grass

    Soap - Wood & Grass

    Soap lady/ Earth Mother extraordinaire Corrie Di Stefano continues to create unique and tantalizing soap blends to waken the senses and leave you feeling like a better person after bathing!! Wood & Grass blends Lavender, Cedarwood & Lemongrass with an infusion of Apricot grounds for a cleansing exfoliation of the cells. As always, all natural, fragrance comes only from essential oils. No Palm Oil ever!

    4.5 oz.


  • Sprays - After Sun

    Sprays - After Sun

    The perfect spray for when you forgot to put on suntan lotion or maybe missed a spot. It has a great scent and really cools your skin. Made of organic peppermint, witch hazel, aloe juice with rose hips, and essential oils organic peppermint and French lavender.

    4 Oz


  • Sprays - DeStress and ReVive

    Sprays - DeStress and ReVive

    Wonderful home and body mist. Ingredients include witch hazel, water, and essential oils: clary sage, organic lemon, and organic lavender.

    3 oz


  • Sprays - Focus Home Spray

    Sprays - Focus Home Spray

    Refreshing aroma for your home. Ingredients include cedarwood, bergamot, litsea cubeba, and French cypress.

    3 oz


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