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While there are many great green products and companies, it is often hard to find the particular green product that you're looking for. At Logical Living we've made it simple by compiling this list of essential eco-products that we've researched and recommend.

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  • Conebella Smoked Colby

    Conebella Smoked Colby

    Conebella Farm Cheese is made from all natural ingredients with the milk from their own Ayrshire cows, which is both antibiotic-free and rBST free. Taste the difference in this creamy, buttery cheese made from pure Ayrshire milk.

  • Creole Blackening Blend

    Creole Blackening Blend

    Steel City's new Classic Southern Creole Blackening Blend has a lot of depth, flavor and heat! On their travels throughout the South they learned about blackening and using different spices to perfect that sought after flavor-crust that forms when searing on high heat. This blend as an expression of their love for Creole and Cajun cooking! Whether you are blackening or just using as a rub base, we know your taste buds will enjoy! Hand-mixed from: Red Hawaiian Sea Salt, Garlic, Onion, Hungarian Sweet Paprika, Cayenne Chili, French Thyme, Tellicherry Pepper, Chipotle, Oregano, Chili, Lime

  • Dave's Killer Bagels - Cinnamon Raisin

    Dave's Killer Bagels - Cinnamon Raisin

    Remix your morning with our organic Cinnamon Raisin Remix™ bagels. Not only are they sweet and delicious, they also have 10g of whole grains per serving. You will find 11g of protein in these bagels but never any high fructose corn syrup! Contains wheat.

  • Dave's Killer Bagels - Everything

    Dave's Killer Bagels - Everything

    Our organic Epic Everything™ bagels have all the garlicky and oniony deliciousness you want, and pack a whopping 27g of whole grains per serving. You won't find any high fructose corn syrup in our bagels, but you will find 12g protein per serving. Contains wheat.

  • Dave's Killer Bagels - Plain

    Dave's Killer Bagels - Plain

    Our organic Plain Awesome™ bagels are soft and delicious while providing 13g of whole grains per serving! Don't worry, you won't find any bleached flour in our bagels, but you will find 12g of protein per serving. Contains Wheat.

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