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While there are many great green products and companies, it is often hard to find the particular green product that you're looking for. At Logical Living we've made it simple by compiling this list of essential eco-products that we've researched and recommend.

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  • Baba's Kombucha

    Baba's Kombucha

    What is Kombucha? (pronounced “kom-BOO-cha”) It's a sparkling fermented tea beverage that is incredibly rich in probiotics and live enzymes, very low in sugar and calories per bottle. An incredibly healthy alternative to the sugar loaded beverages we are inundated with everywhere and so good for our digestive system. Baba's Bucha is handcrafted in Phoenixville, PA using only fair trade organic ingredients and local seasonal produce. It is vegan, raw, gluten free and has no artificial flavorings or colors, brewed in glass, served in glass.

  • Baba's Specialty Cases - Fall Half & Half

    Baba's Specialty Cases - Fall Half & Half

    For this case you will receive 6 bottles of Bee's Knees and 6 bottles of Ruby Sipper. A nice contrast with the silky smooth taste of Bee's Knees made with Walt's Swarmbustin' honey from West Grove, PA and the slightly tangy bite of Ruby Sipper's cherries and cranberries! Both are among Baba's best sellers and fan favorites.

  • Baily's Chocolate Milk

    Baily's Chocolate Milk

    Farm fresh creamy whole chocolate milk from happy grass-fed cows at Baily's Pocopson Meadow Farm in Pocopson, PA. Milk from grass-fed cows is packed with omega-3 fatty acids as well as high in Vitamin E. Pastuerized, Homogenized. No growth hormones used ever.

  • Baily's Half & Half

    Baily's Half & Half

    Farm fresh half & half made from whole milk and cream at Baily's Pocopson Meadow Farm.

  • Baily's Heavy Cream

    Baily's Heavy Cream

    Farm fresh heavy cream from happy grass-fed cows at Baily's Pocopson Meadow Farm.

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