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While there are many great green products and companies, it is often hard to find the particular green product that you're looking for. At Logical Living we've made it simple by compiling this list of essential eco-products that we've researched and recommend.

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  • Tellicherry Peppercorns

    Tellicherry Peppercorns

    Imported from the Kerala province in India, Tellicherry Peppercorns are the highest grade pepper in the world! Pungent and bold with citrus undertones, this pepper is left longer on the vine to ripen and mature giving it unparalleled depth and flavor. If you're not using Tellicherry, you're not using Pepper....but be careful, they're addictively delicious! **Grinder bottle is adjustable: Pull up for Coarse, press down for Fine!

  • The Charlie Bag

    The Charlie Bag

    The CHARLIE BAG “Quality Character By Design” is a 100% hemp canvas tote bag designed right here in Chester County and manufactured in Los Angeles, CA. Charlie Bag was designed by Charles Streitweiser who some of you may remember had helped us with deliveries in 2021. Great for shopping and it features a complementary, removable, and reusable freezer bag lining with Velcro closing mechanism and a Tyvek brand label. The CHARLIE BAG supports sustainable materials and utilitarian design.

  • Three Cheese Manicotti

    Three Cheese Manicotti

    Manicotti pasta simmered in an herb enhanced blush tomato sauce, then stuffed with a blend of three cheeses. Finished with mozzarella and parsley. Traditional Italian cooking at it's very best. Made at The Artisan's Exchange in West Chester by Well Crafted Foods.(Vegetarian)

  • White Bulb Turnips

    White Bulb Turnips

    These are large lovely white bulbs (no tops) which are really tender. Great on their own or to add some flavor to your mashed potatoes and other dishes. From North Star Orchard

  • White Gulf Shrimp

    White Gulf Shrimp

    White gulf shrimp are the most popular and abundant in the Gulf of Mexico. White gulf shrimp have a natural sweet flavor and are a great source of protein. Our wild caught white shrimp are frozen peeled and deveined.

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